Protein Supplements

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I am a collegiate baseball player. I want to gain a little size and strength. Our strength coaches have us working out hard 4 times a week. I purchased a supplement called N-Large 2 and a Mass Gainer. How should I use these?

Protein Supplements

If you take a protein supplement, check the label to see how many calories are in a serving and how much protein. You can add more calories if you take it with milk or juice than if you take it with water. There is only so much protein that can be absorbed for muscle building and tissue repair. For an athlete, about 1 gram per pound of body weight is enough. This includes the protein in your diet as well as in the supplement. Besides protein, you need carbs for energy and some fat in your diet. If the supplement fills you up so much you can't eat your regular meals, you should cut back. It is important to take a supplement after your workout. If yours is all protein, add some carb from another source. Besides the post-workout supplement on the days you lift, you can take a serving or two between meals every day to add calories, and protein if you need it. It's calories that cause you to gain weight, not just protein, and working out that makes that weight gain muscle.



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