Sports Supplements

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I have some questions regarding sport supplements.How long should one take certain supplements before cycling them? I just purchased a supplement that says on the bottle to not take for extended periods of time. What is an extended period of time?

Sports Supplements

There are a lot of different supplements and it's important to read the labels carefully and buy only products from a reputable manufacturer. They should be specific as to how it should be taken and what cautions apply. Be careful of synephrine, which seems to have some of the problems of ephedra. Creatine has been well studied and seems to be safe as well as effective for most people. I would stick with that, unless it's no longer effective for you. I'm not aware of interactions with other drugs, but I suggest you check with a pharmacist or sports physician. These things may not be publicized. If there's a question as to how long to take something, I wouldn't go past a month.



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