Gaining a Lot of Muscle

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I`m trying to gain a lot of muscle. I want more buff biceps, chest, back, and everything else, including a six pack. How do I gain all this muscle? I know I have to work different muscles different days and rest, and I have to eat protein and carbs. What else?

Gaining a Lot of Muscle

You gain muscle by working out and eating more. The basic muscle building protocol is sets of 8-12 reps to fatigue (not failure), with rest between sets of no more than one minute. Concentrate on exercises that work the big muscle groups. Be careful to not overtrain. An intense workout of 45 minutes to an hour is enough. Change some part of your routine every four to six weeks. This can be exercises, sets, reps, or rest. You don't have to change everything. Make sure you get enough sleep. Two to four pounds of quality muscle per month is realistic. This may not seem enough, but another 15 pounds of muscle in six months would be a great achievement. Be patient and consistent.



11/5/2007 5:10:35 PM
Brendan said:

My cousin is a line backer and he made me a plan similar to what you are describing i have gained 3 pounds in about 20 days so ya 3 pounds a month is kinda close but i do 8 to 10 reps with 30-60 second breaks.


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