Muscle Building Frequently Asked Questions

How many reps should I do to build muscle?

How should I train my calves?

How can I bring out the look of my muscles?

What position is best for lat training?

How much creatine should I take?

How does strength training affect weight loss?

What are some things I can do in order to prevent training injuries?

Does strength training help bones?

Does strength training help bones?

What is a safe way to breathe during weight training?

Should I stick with the same routine?

How do I get through a sticking point?

Is it best to work out alone or with a partner?

How can a beginner stay motivated?

How can I avoid low back pain?

What exercises are good for calves?

What does cardio training do for the older athlete ?

How should I set goals I can reach?

What are isometric exercises?

How can I get break the boredom of using cardio equipment?

How can I avoid post workout muscle soreness?

Why is sleep important?

Whatīs a good way to fatigue my muscles?

What are negative reps?

What goals work best?

Will massage decrease soreness?

Should I be sore after a workout?

What effect does weight training have on osteoporosis ?

How can I get all my reps in?

Does cardio decrease strength?

How often should I train?

How do I convince myself I can reach my goals?

How do I know when I am injuring myself working out?

What are forced reps?

How often should I change my routine?

What is circuit training?

What are signs of overtraining?

How should I pick a trainer to help with strength training?

Can the elderly benefit from strength training?

How can I get a trainer to help motivate me?

When should I stretch?

What are super sets?

How can I prevent shoulder injury?

How do I use periodization?

Why is exercise so important ?

Does bouncing in a stretch help improve flexibility?

What is normal blood pressure?

Is walking sufficient cardio exercise?

What and when should I eat before a workout?

What are the risk factors for coronary heart disease?

How often should I eat?

Is it true I donīt have to worry about protein?

Are low-fat diets healthy?

What should I eat after a workout?

Are many small meals better?

What type of protein should I use?

How many calories do I have to cut to lose a pound?

What supplements can I have confidence in?

How can I lose weight ?

Is creatine safe?

Are low carb diets the best ones?

What supplement can reduce soreness?

How can I keep from eating so much?

Should I always do cardio first?

Does cardiovascular exercise burn muscle?

Can I mix up my cardio exercises?

How much of a cardio workout do I need?

Does cardio exercise burn muscle?

How hard should I work out for cardio benefits?

What does vitamin C do?

What does vitamin E do?

What vitamins are most important for the nervous system?

How do you use a chin up bar?

Is there a way to do chin ups if you're not strong enough to pull yourself up?

Which muscles do chin ups use?

Can I use a chin up bar to work on my abdominal muscles?

What is the best way to use a chin up bar if I'm not an advanced weight trainee?

What is body mass index?

How do you measure body fat?

What is body fat percent?

How do body fat calipers work?

What is a body fat scale?

How do you lose body fat?

How do you use an elliptical trainer?

Are elliptical trainers good for burning calories?

What is an elliptical trainer?

Will elliptical machines hurt my knees?

What are the adjustments on an elliptical machine?

Can you work upper body on an elliptical trainer?

Does it take long to get an elliptical trainer ready for a workout?

What is the main purpose of using an elliptical machine?

Why should I get an exercise bike?

How should I choose an exercise bike?

What's the best technique for riding an exercise bike?

What is a recumbant exercise bike?

Are exercise as good for working out as a road bike?

Can I do intervals on an exercise bike?

How can I make exercise bike workouts more interesting?

Where can I find fitness equipment facilities?

What kind of workout accessories are helpful?

What is some good practive equipment for boxing and martial arts?

What equipment can I get for yoga practice?

What is aerobic exercise equipment?

What equipment is used for building strength?

How do I take care of my home gym?

What is a home gym?

How should I choose a home gym?

Which exercises can I do on a home gym?

Who should have a a home gym?

Who can use a home gym?

Can kids use home gyms?

Are home gyms safe?

How can I work my abs?

What should I do with all my old pieces of fitness equipment?

How can I improve my balance?

Is stretching important?

How can I strengthen the core of my body?

What are the elements of fitness?

Should I get an exercise mat?

How can I use an exercise ball for abdominal exercises?

Can I use an exercise ball for core strengthening exercise?

Will an exercise ball help me improve balance?

How can I use an exercise ball to help a sore back?

Can I sit on an exercise ball to do weight training?

What are medicine balls used for?

How should I choose an exercise ball?

What is an exercise ball?

How do exercise bands work for strength training?

How should I choose exercise bands?

Can I adjust the tension on an exercise band?

What exercises are best for exercise bands?

Is it ok to change resistance band exercises?

What other equipment can I use with exercise bands?

Are exercise bands used for chair exercise classes?

What features do heart rate monitors have?

What do heart rate monitors do?

How do I find my heart rate target?

During what exercise should I use a heart rate monitor?

How often should I use a heart rate monitor?

How much should I walk for fitness?

Should I measure walking distance or steps?

Can pedometers be used in health promotion activities?

How do you use pedometers?

Will a pedometer show how far I run?

How do I get a good workout with a rowing machine?

Is using a rowing machine anything like rowing a boat?

What are the benefits of using a rowing machine?

Are rowing machines enjoyable to use?

What's an erg?

How do you walk on a treadmill?

What precautions should I take on a treadmill?

How do treadmill programs work?

Can runners train on treadmills?

What can I use dumbbells for?

What kinds of accessories are there for weight lifting?

Do seniors and women benefit from weight training?

How much space do I need for weight lifting gear?

What is better, machines or free weights?

How do you make resistance band workouts harder?

What difference does speed and elevation on a treadmill make?

How should I choose a treadmill?

How can I do circuit training with home equipment?

How are barbells used?

If I have a home gym, do I need free weights too?

Where can I find room for a treadmill?

How do you plan a weight lifting workout?

What are some good free weight exercises?

How can I distract myself if I get bored walking on a treadmill?

What are the benefits of weight lifting?

When you finish weight training, what should you eat?

If I increase the amount of weight I am lifing slowly will I still achieve the same results as someone who increases the weight they lift faster than me?

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