Riding an Exercise Bike

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I just bought a stationary exercise bike. How much should I ride it at first (minutes)? I am in good health, but want to lose about 30 lb. and firm up. I am a 59 year old woman.

Riding an Exercise Bike

If you're just starting out on an exercise bike, do just 10, or even five, minutes at a time. You will be limited at first by something called local muscular fatigue, that is, your legs get tired. This will get better as you use the bike more. Use it several times a day. As you get used to it, do longer sessions. Try to work up to doing a total of 45 minutes to an hour most days. This will get you in good cardio shape and burn a good number of calories. You can read or watch TV while you're riding if that makes it easier to stick with it.



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