Training on Cybex

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I`m a 5`5" female in the process of losing weight. Can you suggest any weight training exercises using the CYBEX equipment that is in my local gym? I want to train my major muscle groups 3X a week, so I can tone as I continue to lose weight.

Training on Cybex

Cybex is one of the major manufacturers of gym weight training equipment. To work major muscle groups, look for the leg press (legs), vertical bench press (chest), and lat pulldown (back). Do three sets of 8-12 repetitions to tone and train your muscles. If you want to do more for your legs, do one or two sets on the leg extension and leg curl. I prefer dumbbells for arm exercises, but you may want to try the Cybex biceps and triceps machines for a set or two. Work your abs on the floor with crunches.



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