Burning Calories

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I just bought an elliptical machine, a Vision Fitness. On my machine on resistance between 8 and 10 of 16, I burn about 200 calories in a half-hour, and on other machines I burn between 300-400 calories in the same time using the same resistance. By what measure are these calculated?

Burning Calories

The number of calories burned that is noted by various cardio machines is only an estimate. A rule-of-thumb for an average size person walking or running is 100 calories a mile. If your machine says you burn 200 calories in half an hour, that would be equivalent effort to walking two 15-minute miles. Calorie estimates on treadmills and bikes are probably more accurate than on other equipment. Changing the resistance on an elliptical should not make a dramatic difference in calories burned. The best thing to do is to concentrate on your effort level and feel you've had a good workout at the end.



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