Chin Up Bars for Ab Workouts

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Can I use a chin up bar to work on my abdominal muscles?

Chin Up Bars for Ab Workouts

You can use your doorway chin up bar for abdominal exercises. Just hang by your hands and raise your knees to waist level. Raise up and go back down slowly as many times as you can. It's tough, but effective. This is another example of the versatility of chin up bars. You can also use ab loops on your chin up bars for an easier and even more effective abdominal workout.



4/28/2007 10:46:28 PM
psikadelic said:

I use my chin up bar to do chin ups, but I also use it for abdominal work. I raise my legs not only to the front, but to the sides left and right.
Chin ups also help strengthen my grip.


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