Recumbent Bikes

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What is a recumbant exercise bike?

Recumbent Bikes

A recumbent exercise bike is one where your legs are out in front of you instead of under your body, as with upright exercise bikes. The seat is more of a bucket configuration rather than a saddle, giving more lower back support. You use your hips more when pedaling a recumbent bike, in contrast to the upright bike which relies on the thighs. Many people find recumbents more comfortable and they are often preferred by older and deconditioned exercisers, as well as those who like to read the newspaper while working out.



2/27/2007 10:43:08 AM
Jean Beasley said:

I have a recumbent bike and am looking for a rack to hold a book, so that I may read while exercising. Do you have such a thing? My bike is a EXCEL396 made by Fitness Quest, Inc.


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