Gaining Maximum Muscle

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I weigh 180 lb., but I`m trying to get close to 200 lb. What is the best way to gain about 20 lb. of muscle with a little amount of fat in 2 months?

Gaining Maximum Muscle

Can you gain 20 pounds, mostly muscle, in two months? Probably not, but it's hard to predict. To do your best, it's important to eat more than you're eating now, maybe 20% more, including overall up to one gram protein per pound of body weight. Eat extra portions, calorie dense foods, healthful fats like olive oil, and lots of juices. Three big meals and two snacks work best for most people, but do what is most acceptable to you. Work out using sets of 8-12 reps with one minute rest. Work your whole body, emphasizing the large muscles, but don't work the same muscle two days in a row. It's very important to get enough rest.



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