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Why should I stretch between sets?

Stretching Between Sets

In between sets is a good time to stretch. Not only does it allow you to do something productive while you are resting, it will also enable you to perform the next set in a more optimal fashion. This is because stretching the muscles after a set helps to remove lactic acid which is what causes the burning sensation when training, thereby helping you to recover for the next set.

Does bouncing in a stretch help improve flexibility?

Don't bounce

Never bounce while stretching. Go into the stretch until you feel a mild pulling(no pain)sensation and hold that position for 15 seconds initially, trying to work your way up to a 60 second hold.

What are some muscles that are typically tight in people?

Typical Tight Muscles to Stretch

There are certain muscle groups which are notoriously tight in a number of people. They are hamstrings, calves, low back, pectorals, neck extensors, upper trapezius.

Stretching tight muscles, before strengthening opposing weak muscles?

Stretch Tight Muscles Before Stregthening Weak Muscles

If you have a group of opposing muscles, one of which is tight, and the other which is lengthened and weak, such as the pecs being stronger than the muscles in the back, then, before working the longer,weaker muscles stretch the short tight muscles. This helps correct the imbalance and develops symmetry in your physique.

Will stretching help me to have symmetrical development?

Symmetry and Stretching

Another important reason for stretching is to aid in balanced muscle development throughout the body. If one group of muscles is tight and overdeveloped, while another is lengthened and underdeveloped, not only will this look poor aesthetically, but it will contribute to potential future injury. For example, overworking the chest, relative to the back will cause you to have rounded shoulders and look like a gorilla, in addition to causing low back problems.

When should I stretch?

When to stretch?

Always do some type of warm-up for 5-10 minutes before stretching. It is acceptable to stretch before and after exercise(time permitting). I recommend stretching after the exercise to decrease soreness and improve flexibility as well as prevent injury.

Why should I perform exercises through the full range of motion?

Full Range of Motion for Stretching Muscles

When performing exercises, it is important to perform them through the fullest range of motion possible. This will cause your body to recruit more muscle fibers as well as to stretch the muscle being worked in a dynamic fashion, particularly on the eccentric or lengthening phase of the movement.

How does stretching help to build muscle?

Stretching to Aid Growth

When your goal is to build muscle, flexibility is also important for several reasons. Flexibility in your muscles and joints will allow for optimal flow of blood and nutrients into the areas being worked. This will help to repair muscles and get rid of waste products produced during exercise.

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