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Are at home exercises as effective as machines at a gym?

Effectiveness of At-home Exercise

Gym machines are getting more innovative and fun to use, but you can get great results working out at home. Body weight exercises are good, but have some limitations, so you will have to get some equipment. There are some home gyms that are good, or you could get something like a Bowflex or Total Gym. All you really need for a good workout is a bench and some dumbbells. The important thing is to be consistent and use good technique.

How can I work my abs?

Ab Workouts

Any collection of home fitness equipment should include an ab machine. Sure, you can do endless crunches on your exercise mat, but variety in exercise will help tone your abs the way you want them. Besides, it makes abdominal exercise more interesting so you are more likely to do it. Remember to eat a healthful diet and do aerobic exercise to keep excess fat from covering those great abs.

What should I do with all my old pieces of fitness equipment?

Organize Your Equipment

Many people collect a variety of pieces of home fitness equipment over the years. It's time to put it all in one place so you can see what you have, supplement it, and use it. You need an exercise mat and a jump rope, but they do wear out so you may need new ones. Do you have something you can use to work on balance, flexibility, grip strength? How about getting a door gym? These inexpensive items are fun and will supplement your other fitness activity or even constitute your main exercise program for a while.

Is stretching important?


Flexibility is one of the main aspects of fitness, but is often neglected. You should stretch after a brief aerobic warmup, then again at the end of your workout. Stretch to the point where you feel it but not to pain, and stretch the tight muscles, not just the easy ones. Participants in some activities like karate, gymnastics, dance, etc. need to work on flexibility even more than most people. You can improve your flexibility with home fitness equipment like stretching machines.

How can I improve my balance?

Balance Training

Balance is an aspect of fitness we don't always consider. Everybody needs good balance in everyday activities. Balance is an asset in sports and athletics. Older people need to work on their balance so they don't fall and injure themselves. There is home fitness equipment that you can use to improve your balance. Exercise balls are especially good for this, as are more specialized devices like wobble boards.

Should I get an exercise mat?

Floor Exercises

Wherever you work out, you will find yourself doing some exercise on the floor, and adding a good exercise mat to your home fitness equipment will make that exercise more inviting. Think about abdominal work and stretching. Do you do yoga or pilates at home? You may want to do pushups on a mat. Does your exercise area have a cold, hard, floor instead of a plush carpet? And you may even appreciate resting a couple of minutes on that mat after a hard workout.

What are the elements of fitness?

Element of Fitness

The elements of fitness are aerobic/cardiovascular fitness; muscle strength and endurance; flexibility; and body composition. You should work on all of them for health and fitness, but it's not necessary to devote hours a day to it. Some strength training 2 or 3 times a week, a variety of aerobic activities, a few minutes of stretching, and a good diet will do it. Plan your activities, write them on your calendar, and get some home fitness equipment to make your exercise program more fun and productive.

How can I strengthen the core of my body?

Core Strengthening

Strengthening the "core" of your body is recognized as important to overall fitness, and many pieces of home fitness equipment will help. The core is basically the abdominal, low back, and hip areas, so your ab exercise machine helps. Many yoga postures help the core, and the core is central to pilates workouts. Exercise balls emphasize the core and little devices called foam rollers are great for core workouts. You will be surprised how hard it is to stay stable on them at first. Work your core and save your back.

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