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What precautions should I take on a treadmill?

Treadmill Safety

Here are some more treadmill tips. Don't walk on it backwards or sideways, Most treadmills have a safety button that you can use to stop it immediately if it gets away from you. Increase the speed slowly so you won't have to use it. Set your treadmill at 1% elevation to get a similar exertion as running/walking outside at the same speed on the flat. If you spend eough time on the treadmill to work up a sweat, set up a fan to blow across the machine. And drink your water.

How should I choose a treadmill?

Choosing a Treadmill

To choose a treadmill, decide what features you want. Do you want preset programs or will you always have it in manual mode. If you're an accomplished runner you may want a bigger motor so it will go faster. Runners may also want a longer belt size. If you're a larger individual, make sure it's graded for your weight. Consider if you will want some feature later. Treadmills made by good manufacturers are very reliable if you pay attention to maintenance. You don't want to have to buy a new one because you decide you want preset programs. Get the features you want at the beginning.

How do you walk on a treadmill?

How to Use a Treadmill

Treadmills are machines for walking or running. Stand to the sides of the belt when you turn it on. Get on the treadmill at a slow speed and increase gradually. Reverse when you get off. Hold on to the side or front when your're a beginner, but when you get more comfortable, swing your arms as in a normal gait. Holding on reduces the amount of energy you expend, but you can put your hands back on the side or front rails if you think you might lose your balance. Match the treadmill speed to the speed you want to walk or run, not vice versa.

What difference does speed and elevation on a treadmill make?

Changing Speed and Elevation

Speed and elevation are adjustments on most treadmills. In general, if you increase the elevation, you have to decrease your speed to keep the same difficulty level. Increasing elevation is a good way to increase difficulty for walkers who don't want to run but can't walk fast enough for a hard workout.

Can runners train on treadmills?

Training on a Treadmill

Yes, competitive runners do train on treadmills. Although they usually train outdoors, they often need an indoor option, the exercise treadmill, when weather is bad or other conditions dictate. High-end treadmills go fast enough for most athletes, and speed and elevation changes are great for interval training. Treadmills are so versatile they can benefit everyone from deconditioned sedentary individuals to elite athletes. It's no wonder the treadmill is the most populaar exercise machine!

How can I distract myself if I get bored walking on a treadmill?

Things to Do While Walking

Want to give yourself some entertainment while you work out on a treadmill? If you can put your treadmill near a window, you can look out. You can put a small TV, radio, or CD player near the treadmill. You can even talk into a tape recorder and compose letters or reports. Treadmills can be set up with book racks and water bottles. You may not be walking as fast as you can if you're reading. But if this is the only way you can get yourself to work out that day, go for it.

How do treadmill programs work?

Treadmill Programs

Many treadmills come with preset programs. You set the difficulty level and the machine automatically takes you through a workout that increases or decreases elevation and/or speed at certain points. This makes the workout more challenging, interesting, and fun. Just make sure you watch the treadmill display so you see when a change is coming.

Where can I find room for a treadmill?

Where to Put a Treadmill

Find a flat area in your home or garage where you can put your treadmill. There's usually a place where you can put a treadmill where it doesn't get in the way of other activities. Some exercise treadmills do fold up, but it's good to leave it so it's ready to go whenever you can. Exercise equipment is important to your health and lifestyle. Give it some priority. You can always get it out of the way if you have a party.

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