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What goals work best?

Setting goals

Write down specific goals with dates. Goals can be lost inches, lost weight, feeling better, better attitude etc. Next, write down your plan on how you will achieve those goals. If you don't reach your goals by the date specified, either your goals were unrealistic or your plan didn't work. You may need a better plan; a personal trainer can help you.

How should I set goals I can reach?

Set Goals

Set short term goals (4-6 weeks) and long term goals (6-12 months). Make sure to write your goals down on paper. The long term goal is your vision of where you want to be(be realistic). The short term goals are check points along the way. You can do it !!!

How do I convince myself I can reach my goals?

Self talk

Replace negative self talk with positive self talk. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative, STOP, now say something positive and believe it.Soon you will begin to look and feel better about yourself.

Is it best to work out alone or with a partner?

Find a Partner

Diets and exercise are usually more effective if you have a partner to encourage you. Partners offer each other support,motivation, and make it all more fun!!!

How can a beginner stay motivated?

Take pictures

People beginning an exercise routine will see dramatic results in only a short period of time. Taking pictures will keep you motivated to continue to improve your physique. Take pictures every 8 weeks and you will be surprised at the results.

How should I pick a trainer to help with strength training?

Picking a trainer

Things to look for when picking a trainer:
1) Someone you can get along with
2) Nationally recognized certification
3) Someone with first hand experience
4) Has references

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