What Size Dumbbells to Use

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If I`m a beginner, and I want to start lifting dumbbells, how heavy should they be? Would 8 lb be too heavy?

What Size Dumbbells to Use

To start with dumbbells, you should have more than one set, or some adjustable dumbbells where you can change the weight. You need lighter dumbbells for smaller muscles, and heavier ones for large muscles. Typically starting weights for women would be five or eight pounds for biceps, five for triceps, ten for one-arm rows (for back), and eight for bench presses. For squats or lunges, you could start with five pounds, but will be up to ten soon. Men will use heavier weights. You should choose a weight that makes your muscle tired after 12 repetitions, but be ready to move to something heavier when that gets easy.



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