Weight Training Progression

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If I increase the amount of weight I am lifing slowly will I still achieve the same results as someone who increases the weight they lift faster than me?

Weight Training Progression

When you do weight training, one of your goals should be to get stronger. To do this, you have to increase, over time, the amount of weight you lift. How quickly you progress depends on genetic factors, where you start (beginners progress faster than experienced trainees), and your training technique and frequency. If you go several weeks without being able to progress, you should change your training routine. Overall, a person who progresses more rapidly will not necessarily do better in the long run than someone who progresses more slowly. Progressing too fast can be counterproductive. Work out consistently and progress when the weight you lift for a given exercise is no longer challenging. Add some variety to your workout and you can continue to progress for months, or even years.



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